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Landschulheim Schloss Heessen | Privates Gymnasium & Internat in Hamm (NRW)

A Brief Overview of the Landschulheim Schloss Heessen:

  • We are a State-recognised grammar boarding school recognised as a non-profit organisation .
  • All of our final exams are State-recognised and carried out independently by our teaching staff within the school itself.
  • Student inductions can take place throughout the whole of the school year after an interview with the headmaster.
  • We offer small classes and courses in the Sixth Form
  • We offer a guaranteed full-school day with supervised study periods in which all pupils can complete their homework under the care and supervision of our qualified teachers.
  • The school lessons begin at and finish at for Year 5 up to Year 9, for the Sixth Form the day ends according to their respective timetable.
  • Any cover lessons that occur are covered by members of our teaching staff at all times, even in Year 10 of the Sixth Form.
  • We offer remedial teaching in the core subjects (German, Mathematics, English, French and Latin).
  • We offer professional pastoral care in all of the boarding-school groups.
  • We offer a wide selection of free-time activities in all areas of sport, culture and the arts.
  • We organize and co-ordinate an individual training and remedial learning programme for pupils in co-operation with the teachers.
  • We offer interesting weekend activities.